Are You Pitcher-perfect?
January 20, 2020 at 2:00 PM
by Olympia LaRose
<span style="color:rgb(218, 50, 37)"><span class="custom-text-variable-624e3628-e8d4-41ef-8373-9facfb5c9dfb" style="color:inherit">Are You Pitcher-perfect? </span></span>

An elevator pitch years ago was a sales pitch, but not everyone is in sales. Today, It is considered an invaluable brand pitch constructed to market YOU, the brand or Me, Inc. It should address who you are, what you do, how does your work or “do” solve a problem, who are your customers and how you and (person or audience) can work together.

I define it as a first impression with a lasting impact. It is usually an invitational prompt to spark interest and share your brand in hopes of landing an opportunity or connection. It should be a persuasive repertoire of diverse pitches to confidently prepare you for those spontaneous meetups & elevator rides.

You are what you think - think not sales...for now. Nothing just happens! Yes, this is your chance to actually enjoy confinement before you exit the elevator. And as you know, opportunity is universal. It can happen anywhere, anytime. So, what to do after you’ve RSVP for that happy hour, conference, or summer mixer? Remember, adjust that tie or touch-up that lipstick and dress pitcher-perfect!

Piahrose guidelines to consider when constructing your brand pitch.


  • Create 1-2 tailored to the occasion of your business, idea, or industry
  • Schedule time to follow up or connect
  • Get email on first interaction then connect digitally (@)
  • Think relationship not opportunity
  • Talk partnership not sponsorship (it invites collaboration)
  • Propose a free engagement to solidify connection (grab a bite, coffee, or invitation to a networking event)


  • Interrupt response and feedback (hidden cues of interest)
  • SELL your product or service
  • Share business card until prompted from audience or person (they’ll ask)
  • Ask for a job or interview
  • Ask for money or funds
  • Oversell or complain about past experiences


Find a problem. Pitch your solution.

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