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About Piahrose
Our clients rely on a Human Capital investment process that has been tested in virtually every market environment.

Transforming the lives of professionals around the globe, Piahrose's career marketing process promotes career sustainability and work-life integration. We believe your success is in the problem you were born to solve, and we want to position you to solve it.

Piahrose is the premier full-service career marketing firm for the Future of Work, setting the standard for human capital management, strategic career marketing, and excellent career branding for executives and mid-level professionals.

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Invest in the Future of Work. Strengthen capital. Embrace purpose.
A sustainable career is your life-long ROI

We've positioned professionals to achieve their dynamically flexible career that enables continuous learning, upskilling, and financial security that stems from employability. Now that's work-life integration with your core values, interests, and rewards.

What sets Piahrose apart?
Our experts has been featured, consulted, and keynoted for top leaders and companies, including:

Barclays, New York City Council, PwC, PIMCO, United Nations Foundation, Booz Allen, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Paul Weiss LLP, Chase, Noom, Apple, Global Reach Management Consulting, the City College of New York, Phoenix University, Sage Group, Openlink, Queens Medical Hospital, Sirius XM Radio, New York State Department of Corrections, Per Scholas, UNICEF, Year Up, New York Department of Education, New York Life, Cushman & Wakefield, and the United Nations.

  • Top Industry Experts

    Résumé writing and strategic interview training often meet your immediate needs. Human capital management, career marketing, and career coaching take an extensive view of your career goals.

    Piahrose career practitioners are recognized, professionally certified, and credentialed by the leading HR, Resume Writing, Job Strategy, Information Technology and Engineering, Employment Specialist, Thought Leadership, Career Coaching and Development authorities in the nation.

  • We Speak Java, C++, Python & We Are Not Robots

    Yes! We will match you with not just any career expert but an expert who speaks your language. 

    Our clients landed their dream jobs and advanced careers in over 50 industries, including Tech. That means tech disruption or not; we will position you to succeed. Transitioning into a tech career is much easier than you think. And you do not need coding skills.

    Piahrose former corporate executives and tenured professionals include tech career coaches and recruiters. Our expertise spans engineering, systems architect, data science, service management, cybersecurity, IT product and project management, database admin, UX/UI, web & mobile development, artificial intelligence, quality assurance, and big data.

  • A Culture of Innovation & Unconvention

    No college degree, no problem. Piahrose embraces the road less traveled. Take it from the founders of Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple.

    There's no defined path to success, so we market ideas, creativity, and thought leadership to prepare our clients for extreme disruption.

    While we all are from different backgrounds and places, we strive to actively incorporate a culture of purpose into all we do. Delivering great outcomes for our clients and excellent results for you is what makes Piahrose genuinely unique.

  • Powering Economic Sustainability With the UN

    Piahrose is not just championing career and human capital management success. Our Executive Committee is at the heart of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

    Our board members consist of United Nations ambassadors, advocates, and elected members of the economic and social council.

    Aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and in partnership with leading organizations, we combine our effort to combat two global crises - promoting equality for a better world and a sustainable future for all.

The future is now and the world needs your gift

Connect purpose and do more of what fuels you. Do great work.