5 Resume Tips to Land That Dream Job in 2020
January 7, 2020 at 10:30 AM
by Olympia LaRose
It’s my favorite mug. It just is.

Let’s cut to the chase! I’m sure you’ve seen or read a dozen career advice to help you obtain and maintain career success. Not to mention, your personal struggle when applying these tools to enhance your resume for recruiters, ATS, and HR engagements. Well, we did, too.

And we're giving you our secret (great things are worth sharing) to land your next 6 or 7-figure position. Our tried and true strategic approach to enhance marketability and help you land your next interview quickly. Now, LEAN IN!

1. Adapt the 80/20 rule

You know the old adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? It is still relevant! If your qualification, experience, and skillset match 80% of the job description – GO FOR IT!

Hiring managers doesn’t know what an ideal candidate is because one cannot assume the “perfect fit” from simply perusing a resume. Market your personality, talent, and purpose to fill in the 20%.

2. Show some LOVE for tech disruption

The future is NOW – stay PRESENT! Yes, tech is disrupting our workload and work processes, BUT that doesn’t change what it means to be human in the workplace. There are many ways to benefit from it. LinkedIn knows best!

It's no secret that 70% of headhunters and HR managers check for a LinkedIn profile before interviewing candidates. A virtual resume is essential to your career success. According to Business Insider newspaper; since its founding in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to over 500 million members. 40% of them are active users daily and 40 million are decision makers. See the trend?

Stay present! Ensure your profile is optimized for that dream job and career success.

The possibilities are endless! Take advantage of LinkedIn tools – view jobs and the job poster, check earning potential, evaluate salary offer by company and location, learn talent insights, determine job proximity by location and commute, get professional resume review, and more. And don’t forget to connect with those thriving professionals and follow your fave companies for updates.

Optimize your LinkedIn today!

3. Don’t downplay your accomplishments, EVER.

I’ve coached numerous unemployed or underemployed clients who hold MBAs and PhDs, yet willing to remove their graduate degree to land a role. No, it doesn’t scream humility.

Although we should not attempt to casually place monetary value on human life, you should still know YOUR human capital. And yes, life happens, and small beginnings are to be embraced, but I don’t advise my clients to devalue their achievement for a job.

Instead; change resume format, reach out to strong ties network, persevere and conduct an industry-wide job search to increase employability.

By the way! You’ve got sweat, blood, tears or loans to show for it. Celebrate!

4. Level up for FREE

E-learning platforms Udemy, Coursera, and Udacity has revolutionized our approach to learning and growing. If you lack a demanding job skill for a position you desire, PAUSE. Don’t apply just yet!

Sign up, learn new skills (when available, of course) then apply for the position. Many courses even reward completion with a certificate, which you may add to the education and professional development section of your resume. If you don’t land the role, no worries, at least your brain grew. Show them you mean business - APPLY!

5. Break rules NOT laws

In a world of optics, gone are the days of much talking. Time is of the essence and recruiters spend an average 7-9 seconds scanning resumes to determine if candidates qualify for an interview. And when hiring, career practitioners as myself look for shortcuts to save time, including bypassing any obscure and verbose resume. Word from the wise “less is not more, less is better”- Linden Millwood. So, save time.

SHOW don’t tell - that’s right! Quantify your resume; money talks and so do the numbers. Engage the hiring manager and get team buy-in with this approach. ROI is any organization’s top priority. If you can demonstrate past successes, you’ve gained your competitive edge.

Piahrose career marketing tip:

YAY: “At xyz, Inc., I have managed 200 million in departmental budget while leading a team of 20 solutions engineers, account managers, and sales associates. My team reduced department operating cost by 30% eliminating redundancies and cutting contractor fees.”

NAY: “I love what I do. I'm an IT Director working with an inclusive, medium-sized team that focuses on cutting departmental cost. We’ve had great success eliminating redundancies and cutting contractor fees for xyz, Inc.”


Be courageous! Go ahead, discover your purpose through the gift of work and development of a sustainable career. Get a free consultation

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